The College Diva

The College Diva

Just your not so average college girl relating to your college experiences ranging from those assignments that are “due today” aka “do today” to being employed (as a professional bar hopper). Take a look at life as a senior from my perspective and reminisce with those #tbt’s we all have from freshman year.

Disclaimer: I am an undergraduate student at the George Washington University. I created this page as part of a team project for one of my classes. Any views or opinions presented in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the George Washington University.


When you just can’t hang

That awkward moment when you’re sitting in class “paying attention” and start to hear heavy breathing next to you…

Falling Asleep

We all know that feeling when you’re in a funk due to the shenanigans that took place during your three day weekend. I’m sure many of you seniors can relate thanks to no Friday classes coming in clutch 😉 After a weekend full of partying, boozy brunching, and cramming for that midterm you remembered you have, staying awake in class can be a struggle.

Well… that’s exactly what happened to our dearest Cadet Captain Crunch today during our lovely lecture. As skillful as he was positioning his laptop just at the right angle where the professor wouldn’t see him, us fellow students saw exactly what he was doing. Without a doubt all our friends took a lovely Snapchat and of course, uploaded it to our stories within seconds. Oh the beauty of “IDGAF” during second semester of senior year…

Capt Crunch Sleeping


(Peep the laptop placement)

It’s okay Captain Crunch… We feel your pain.


The College Diva





Expectation vs Reality

Expectation vs Reality

We all have those super ambitious goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of every year, especially when starting that taunting last year to get your “self” together – senior year. You know, those goals like taking the easiest classes possible, finding a job, checking off that untouched college bucket list, and just flat out graduating. So we’re cruising through our last year, actually semester, of college and pause… have we actually met any of those expectations?

Expectation vs Reality_Studying

Where those easy electives at tho? The question we ask all possible resources when planning out the last schedule EVER of our college careers. You sat down, planned it out and you’re ready to rock this joke of a semester saying “hey, what’s up, hello syllabus week.” Rolling out of bed after that epic welcome back night out with friends, you get to class with a minute to spare because hey, you’re a second semester senior. #IDGAF, am I right? Ten minutes into class, you’re scrolling through Reddit when your ears catch the words, “let’s discuss your assigned reading.” You manage to finesse your way through that discussion and just let out a sigh of relief when the prof (who was supposed to come in clutch with that easy A elective) tells you about that long list of assignments and mandatory attendance. Not quite what you signed up for, is it?

Job search results: Pending… That awkward moment when you tell yourself you’re going to be employed by winter break but reality kicks in and you still find yourself going to career fairs the first week of second semester. Send in those apps or just embrace your membership in #TeamUnemployed for a little longer. Sorry mom and dad.

Bucket list, more like chuck it list? Let’s throw it back to freshman year when we arrive at our awesome new schools and feel like there’s so much to do but so little time. With so much to experience before graduation, you put together that bucket list that includes that one bar on campus that was ranked one of the “top college bars.” I don’t know where I’m going with this one because let’s be real… we’ve obviously hit this one up the second we got hands on that sick piece of plastic that says we’re a 21 year old from Illinois.

Graduation. Now this one we’re still working on and counting down the days. Commencement here we come! #SEN16RS

Expectation vs Reality_Graduation

The College Diva