Farewell Seniors!

As the semester comes to an end it is time for these seniors to say goodbye to all of you. We hope you enjoyed our blog just as much as we enjoyed writing it! We learned a lot from this blog on how to successfully reach our audience.

Some of our take aways from the lessons of writing this blog are:

  1. Post consistently in order to build and maintain an audience.
  2. Find more networks, like the ones we did (ROTC and Bhangra, create posts that appeal to these groups, and engage with them.
  3. Posts that are created from the STEPPS model have a higher chance of engaging viewers and becoming viral.

The semester may be over, but with graduation right around the corner, the shenanigans have just began!


Belle of the Ball, Gymflow Gym Rat, Cadet Captain Crunch, The College Diva, & Trader Tom




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