Bhangra Tings

Collegiate Bhangra teams have been around for more than 20 years. The Bhangra circuit is filled with thousands of dancers who have constantly competed around the country and performed locally in their universities or at weddings. The popular dance has even been featured on mainstream media several times. For example, Cornell Bhangra was on So You Think You Can Dance! Bhangra on college campuses has become a way for the South Asian culture to represented in a fun and exciting way. Being on a team pretty much takes over your whole life! Attending practices every day that last for hours is how your life becomes everything Bhangra.  But it is all worth it in the end because there are so many good things that come out of it.

Here are some of those benefits of getting involved in the circuit!

  1. The people on your team become your ride or die

Picture6(Five of us in this picture met freshman year on GW Bhangra and have remained good friends to this day)

Picture1(freshman year in 2012)

  1. You get to travel around the country for competitions


(GW Bhangra in Dallas, TX in 2013)

  1. You get to perform at cool venues

Picture3(This team from Cali performed at the White House)

  1. You can potentially find your significant other

Picture4(proposal to at a competition in Washington DC back in 2012)

  1. The music is DOPE (check out this Bhangra remix to Rihanna’s song Work)
  1. It’s a great workout!


(several dance studios offer Bhangra classes to help lose weight or learn a new form of dancing)

~Belle of the Ball 4/25/16


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