Guy’s Fashion Ft. The Man Behind Metanofashion

Now that the weather’s getting warmer and the layers are shedding, there’s no need for you fellas to settle for those cargo shorts and old t-shirts (Cadet Captain Crunch that means you). Tim Kim from the fashion blog, Metanofashion, has some tips and pointers for even the most basic style peeps. Take note and get ready to impress the ladies 😉

“It’s not what you’re wearing, but how you wear it.” – Tim Kim

1. Work with the basics


  • Stay simple using solid colors, basic pants, coats, and shoes
  • Simple apparel is easy to mix and match

2. Signature piecesSignature Pieces.jpg


  • Flamboyant, graphic designs
  • Peop
    le remember bold things – specific graphic prints, sideslips, zipped pants
  • Tip: Don’t overplay your bold piece



3. Socks

  • Small but crucial, especially with dress shoes and boots
  • Pointer: Try cuffing instead of pinrolls – “cuff higher when you want to hint at your socks, but not too much or its cheesy”
  • Check out Uniqlo and Stance Socks for some options


Link up with Tim Kim for more men’s fashion tips and some great blog posts.


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