Damn Seniors, Back At It Again With Spring Break

Damn Daniel

It’s that time of year again when Instagram feeds are blowing up with those oh so familiar pictures featuring piña coladas in hand while lounging pool side with the palm trees in the background. Spring break time has approached just in time after those God awful things we had to deal with (aka midterms). For us seniors, this is our LAST SPRING BREAK ever. It’s okay… breathe, everything’s gonna be okay. We just have to go extra hard and make this one to remember.

Here’s a list of to do’s for you before you board that plane and take off to rage:

Ladies: pack your best swimsuits, cover ups, sundresses, and wedges. We gotta be ready to dress to impress all those hotties at the beach and of course for the one too many pics we’re gonna be taking for the gram (and new pro pics?)

Basic packing checklist:

– Items listed above

– Toiletries, tanning lotion (sunscreen for those of us that are more sensitive to the sun), moisturizers (lots and lots of it… we can’t be dried out and gross for those selfies), sunglasses, shoes, shoes, and more shoes, phone charger (ain’t nobody got time for phones dying when we have Snaps to attend to).

Gents: shirts, shoes, bathing suits. That’s about it, right?

Need some last minute workouts for that bangin spring break bod? Gymflow Gym Rat has the perfect quick and easy exercises for you. Check him out so everyone’s checkin you out 😉

Don’t forget to read Belle of the Ball’s post (Hangover Cure Tips & Tricks) because we need to rally. No time for hangovers when we only have one week of break.

And last but not least, cram for those midterms and for those of you that are still #TeamUnemployed, apply for some jobs! We’re seniors. We can handle it.

Stay safe and rage hard my friends.


The College Diva



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