When PT Doesn’t Suck

The most well known and constant part of every cadet’s life is morning PT. Wake up at 0530 to be at first formation by 0620. Put on the right uniform, don’t forget your watch or PT belt. Seriously bro, you might get hit by a car in the gym or something.



Usually PT sucks for one reason or another. Its way too early, its pointless, I’m hungover from Senior night at (insert bar name), its a poorly written plan, its absurdly hard (If you’re a freshman), its not hard enough (Phrasing?), its too cold/hot, the stretches are stupid, your legs hurt, its interfering with your actual workout, etc. (Though, I’d love to hear about some times when you’ve thought PT was a waste of time in the comments.) Usually runs are the worst because … well … running sucks. Unfortunately running is a huge part of ROTC/Army life so get over it kid…….

Sometimes however the stars align and PT isn’t so bad. It might actually be enjoyable. I usually have this feeling when its a bear crawl PT. Rawr.

bear crawl
Bear Crawl is Life

But I felt this way this morning on my platoon’s run around DC. It was our first run of the semester, a four mile loop around the Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington memorials. Take that Mrs. Betty’s’s 7th grade social studies. I know prezidents and stuff. Anyway it was awesome. Perfect amount of sleep (5.45 hours), perfect temperature (like 50), not a lot of people on the road, and best of all I got to take up the rear watching for fall outs with some lazy FA guys. #SorryNotSorry Armor is better.

tumblr_nb0t82ISEt1rhl7roo3_540 This means I got go at a brisk pace to start, just fast enough to make the turnaround time, and then actually do some running for the second half. It was probably the most I’ve seen of DC sights other than the standard National Mall route all year. Not to mention I got to see the Jefferson for the first time. (Dudes got a pretty chill island). I also got to see a cadet race a duck. Duck won. Told you FA was slow.


Cadet Captain Crunch




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