Hangover Cure Tips & Tricks

So the weekend was fun, but Monday comes along and everything seems horrible. But once you make it past that dreaded first day of the week, Tuesday has arrived and you know it’s going down.

Here at GW our local Tuesday night spot for seniors is Sign of the Whale. Their marketing strategy of targeting local college students in the DMV area and giving them free happy hours has worked tremendously well for the business. Every college campus has their local bar that is that mid-week hot spot. Many students choose to opt out of the infamous Tuesday night bar scene, but there are those who never fail to miss a Tuesday dancing the night away (aka The College Diva & Gymflow Gym Rat). These kids are usually the senior class. Almost every senior can be spotted out during the week. Even that one person from class who you thought you would never see out drinking in the middle of the week! So, as Tuesday evening comes around, everyone is rushing to get all their work done so the night can have enjoyed guilt free. Meetings for extra-circular activities are even ended early so those specific seniors can get to where they want to be. Texts are being sent left and right amongst various friend groups seeing who has a happy hour and who is going out.

Take advantage of the last time in your life when you actually can go out mid-week. Here are some helpful ways to survive those senior shenanigans so you can still make it class the next day. As much as we want to have fun the last semester, we also don’t want to ruin everything we have all worked so hard for. Remember, half the battle is only getting out of bed in the morning!

Don’t let this be you in class!
  1. Plan your week ahead of time so you can get your work done and still go out. This definitely can be done. Ty to stay ahead of the game so you always know what needs to be done for each class. My advice is writing down every assignment, quiz, or test on a calendar.
  1. Drink lots of water throughout the day, night, and the next morning. I know people say match every drink with one glass of water. But let’s be honest when you’re out, no one is thinking about how much water you’ve had. So, at least try to make it a point to ask the bartender for water twice while you’re out. Once towards the middle of the night and once again right before you leave.
  1. Get some sleep! If you can, on the days you aren’t planning to go out, try and sleep at decent hour so all the lack of sleep doesn’t catch up to you the next morning after drinking.
  1. FOOD FOOD FOOD! Just because beer has calories that doesn’t mean it counts as dinner! Eat a proper meal so you aren’t drinking on a empty stomach allowing all that alcohol to absorb faster. The next morning, before heading to class eat a good breakfast so you are refueled for the day. Fruit juices are a great way to treat mild low blood sugar that a night out drinking can cause.
  1. Keep it light! Darker drinks like rum, whiskey, and red wine all contribute to hangovers! So, during the week try out some vodka so you don’t feel as bed the next day.

~Belle of the Ball~



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