Caffei-lin’ like a college kid

Wake up. Drank. In class. Drank. Study. Drank. No sleep. Drank.

Any college kid, especially seniors will tell you how invaluable caffeine is to surviving school. This goes double for midterms and finals season. This usually comes in the form of a “‘Starbs” Venti Mocha Frapachino Latte with skim milk, which rings in at about 125 mg of mid-grade fuel per cup. Or it comes in a sweet silver can with 80 mg plus sugar. Your average student will down 1-2 of these in a day. Cool beans. #caffeinated

Though these are freakin’ delicious

Now lets talk about your highly motivated and overly active cadet. Studies suggest, and by studies I mean me watching MSIVs (seniors) in military science class at 8 am, that your average IV drinks 1-2 servings in a two hour period. Some unnamed cadet may even consume that much within 30 minutes of waking up. Now I’d also like to comment on the fuel-grade of this caffeine. The cadet mentioned usually starts with a couple 5-hour energy extra strength (think two cups of coffee) then graduates to Rockstar zero carb (240 mg of premium grade rocket fuel). See “Cadet’s Best Friends.”


Now your less extreme cadet, I include myself in this category, consumes Rip It Fuel (Rip Its) weighing in at 200 mg and the aforementioned Rockstar zero. Now my personal best is 3 Rockstars in two hours (720 mg). I fell asleep on the bus immediately after. On a normal day I usually stick to 3-4 energy drinks and an espresso shot in the morning (80 – 100 mg/shot). I promise that I don’t have a problem. All the cadets are doing it. Is this an intervention?

A quick peek into my fridge (this will last maybe a week)

I won’t even mention the 419 mg per serving pre workout I take 4-5 times a week.

All the face tingles

Why am I telling you all this you might ask? Well I’m sick of hear college kids talk about “How much caffeine they drink” “I’m totally addicted” Please. You’re playing Double-A ball. But also that recently I was caught taking a cat nap in class. Like a pro. But that was because I only had one espresso shot and a Rip It that day. I was struggle busing hard. See “When you just can’t hang

Capt Crunch Sleeping
I can hang …. just when I’m not deprived

Cadet Captain Crunch



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