Quick Pump Up

OK people! So the last couple of weeks have been interesting. A few of my roommates decided to be a part of this show and they needed to appear in top physical shape. I know most of our ladies reading have seen this but have any of the fellas heard of or seen this movie?


Or this one?


Let’s just say muscle definition was of utmost importance and there was heavy usage of baby oil to make their skin glisten on stage as they danced away. The ladies in the crowd went crazy. But they had to work for it!

For two and a half weeks these guys were under a strict diet and performed high-intensity workouts. To stay true to my New Year resolution I joined them! Every morning at 7:30 am we woke up to hit dem weights. While I almost dropped 100 lbs on my head during my first reps of overhead dumbbell presses because my eyes were still closed, I did it! And it was great.

For our meals, we decided to cut carbs and focus on protein. It was also key to drink lots and lots of water. Stay thirsty my friends 😉 After our morning workouts we ate scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit. This actually kept us full and we noticed we had so much energy during the day. We carried around Gatorade protein bars (seriously go buy these!) and a banana for snacks in between classes. Lastly, for dinner we ate quinoa or small cup of white rice, with vegetables such as broccoli asparagus or kale salad, and topped it off with a hunk of chicken breasts or steak as our protein.

good amount of sugar but great protein blast


I can honestly say that after just one week of doing this routine, I saw an unexpected difference in increased muscle definition and belly fat loss. Imagine being consistent and doing this for a month. Spring break here we come! I highly recommend researching some low-carb high-protein diets if you’re not necessarily interested in losing weight but want to shed some body fat and bulk up nicely.

And now I leave you with this…

Here’s a pic of my boys putting in work!:


Your Favorite Gym Rat

February 29, 2016


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